Finance-Technical Programs

We aim to improve the technical abilities of the employees, to transfer them the current and contemporary knowledge about their branches. The concepts can be applied to any market: equities, fixed income, currencies, futures, or options - domestic or global. As with all our sessions, we will help you sort out the unknowns of the Elliot Wave theory, candlestick charts, oscillators, and many other elements of technical analysis.


Finance For Those Who Are Not Financial Experts

The basic concepts of the financial management are transferred in this program, we also help them meet the financial challenges that they have on almost a daily scale. The main goal of the program is to make participants be able to make effective analysis on corporate performance, cash management, budgeting and reporting.


Financial Analysis

It is possible to assess the firms's profitability, solvency, liquidity and stability by doing a financial analysis. The balance sheet and the table of income are examples to the materials that are used during this program. Accordingly, the financial structures of companies are evaluated, analysis techniques that will help us during the program will be identified, the tables will be consolidated.

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