Human Resources Programs

Our point of view is based on the fact that individuals are the most important and precious resources of companies. Our programs are designed according to this idea and our main aim is to make the participants internalize a mutual consistency of approaches during both interviews and meetings with suppliers.


Our aim is to increase the knowledge and experiences of the experts working in HR field. Moreover, we also provide them with consciousness and efficiency.


Competency-based Interview Techniques

During hiring interviews, the senior officers of the appertaining department also get involved in meetings, along with HR department members. Accordingly, at the first phase of the program, we provide required skills to make the participants internalize the necessary basic, managerial and/or technical capabilities. The main purpose here is to make the corporate competencies as clear as possible for the members of the non-HR departments, executives.


The next phase is about running an effective interview. In order to do so, one needs to know the right question techniques and methods of observation. Therefore, we also proide interview rehearsals for each participants. At the last phase, we let the participants share their observations on each other and we examine the suggestions and efficient techniques.


Management of Career and Development

Here we focus on career planning and the systems of managing developments. They are vital for the organization and we explain the necessary technical skills and knowledge in order to let them be able to form these systems.


For this approach to be perfectly learned, we also put emphasize on the role and functions of HR, and we also explain the management of development by making the participants focus on their responsibilities and duties in planning their carreers.


Moreover, in the program, we also talk about the coaching and mentoring processes because they work parallel to organizational and individual efforts in today's fastly developing HR solutions.


Training for the Tutor

The inner tutor candidates, who are thought to participate in internal training sessions, are becoming more and more important every day. It is important for them to be competent enough to transfer knowledge in a successful manner by using efficient techniques.


Accordingly in this program, realised with the purpose of "teaching the efficient educational techniques", we are trying to turn the skills of the participants into permanence and with the activities we run throughout the training session, we aim to strengthen their knowledge. The participants, throughout the whole session, watch the rehearsals of training programs and get feedbacks, and are provided with suggestional development programs according to their unique necessities, skills and affinities.


It can be told that the basic purpose of this training is to provide the participants with the top level transferring competency. They had the knowledge but what we do is to channelize it in the most suitable way, with the most advantageous techniques.


Basic Principles and Problems Corresponding to Human Resources Management

The functions, structure, details of processes and the competencies of members of HR departments are held within this program. We give information on the basic roles of HR management, and adapt them to today's changing needs. We also focus on technical competencies and provide solutions in case problems appear.

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